The Big Noise was the first ever arts and music festival which was produced in aid of The Big Issue Foundation which gave full and active support. The event was run for 3 years by a team of volunteers that I was part of and that raised £10.000 plus per year. Showcasing and celebrating high profile and emerging visual and live artists, as well as theatre and comedy groups, musicians, bands and DJs, the project raised funds for The Big Issue Foundation whilst becoming self sustainable. It also supported community buildings that have been at risk of been taken down such as the Bussey Building and The Coronet.

Throughout the 3 years I was part of the hardworking core team that led the event and I was responsible for different roles, from PR and Marketing outreach to Event Management, Project Management, Volunteer Coordination and Event Coordination on the day. Together as a team we successfully led the event which had an incredible turnover, response and fundraise.

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