I supported the production and delivery of two Campaigns: Common Thread and What’s Your Craft.

Common Thread:
Craft Council x Creative Debuts collaborated on the celebration of the diverse creatives in the UK and beyond. Believing in the power of storytelling through craft, art and design from August to October we provided a platform for the talents of tomorrow to tell their stories. In August we celebrated the spirit of Notting Hill Carnival through an exhibition showing the works of over 30 artists including photography, ceramics textiles embroider, digital art, film. The event was highly successful having over 700 attendees across three days with incredibly positive feedback and engagement. In October we hosted a sold out panel talk in partnership with Dazed welcoming high profile speakers from across the arts to talk about their passions and creative journeys.

In my role I liaised with over 30 artists to ensure their art was deliver and exposed and to then promote their exhibit works. I made sure all deadlines were being met and maintained communication with all partners. Supported the preparation of the event with hosting and delivery of the event.

What’s Your Craft:
A new film series for the Craft Council featuring six episodes that were placed on YouTune on a bi-weekly basis. The series aimed to develop the public’s understanding of craft, inspire a new generation of makers and grow the number of makers working with the Crafts Council. Each episode features an inspiring craft maker from across the UK. The makers include shoe surgeons, fashion designers, costume designers, furniture designers, jewellery makers collective etc. Wowing the audience with their factor and incredible story.

I supported the production of these videos by liaising with the artists asking them to be featured on the series, supporting logistics and deadlines. Assisted on the shoots with interviews, behind the scenes, content and general artists liaising.


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