Alkaline Juice Factory is a vegan organic juice bar serving fresh, alkaline smoothies, juices and vegan street food. Based on Brixton Hill, this venue is more than just a health paradise, it’s a place that brings Brixton and London’s community together. Old and new residents of the area from all kinds of background gather in this small place, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment which is difficult to find these days in the big cities.

David Thorpe, owner and founder of the Alkaline Juice Factory, outsources fresh organic coconuts which are the base ingredient of most of the shop’s products. His creative vision always creates new recipes and he is always finding out new natural ingredients to replace and prevent the use of pharmaceutical products.

Formerly a customer, I soon became involved in the daily running of the business behind the scenes. From Business strategy to social media, shop renovation, structure and brainstorming new ideas to constantly innovate and push forward this little but powerful gem in the heart of Brixton.


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