Here is a little about my background. I’m an Italian born in Scotland, I lived in the US, Paris, Tuscany and Rome where I spent my teenage years. Now I’m based in London and partly in the UAE where my family lives. I often talk about my nomadic upbringing because it has defined the person I am today. Probably a ‘3rd culture kid’, I am forever adapting, changing and embracing new cultures, ideas, influences and projects. What sometimes could have been a challenge in identifying ‘where home is’ has now become an empowerment in endorsing all the cultures I come across.

This mindset has pushed me to always be curious about anything culturally interesting happening around me. I am naturally drawn to projects related to art, music, community, cultural identity and health. And this is how I started to get involved with projects that I believed in. I’ve also led full time jobs and always found a way to balance and combine a full time career like when I was Product Manager at Time Out or other companies to my creative ideas and projects.

Now I freelance and work on a variety of projects, either with renowned businesses like ITV on social media production, or  with creatives organising production of events like my most recent one with the Craft Council, or  working with artists in their outreach progression, and opportunities to grow.

My talent and passion resides in seeing the potential of great projects and ideas of creative and talented artists, brands or businesses and bringing them to life. I strongly believe in the power of collaborations, cross connections and mixing disciplines to create, evolve and push projects forward. I thrive in being part of various projects from diverse backgrounds or disciplines and my work is never the same, new challenges are at the order of the day, and I’m eager to grow, learn new skills and be involved in challenging tasks.

To know more about what I do, work together or just to have a chat please get in touch!


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